Theme Weeks

When I was a mom of just 2 little people--a brand-new 2 year-old-guy and a 4-year-old little girl--we started doing Theme Weeks.  I had been noticing that in the busyness of being a mom, that even though we had a ton of toys and books, we were rarely doing anything "just for fun."  

I know that I just have this one life to live and that these moments of littleness are fleeting.  I wanted to start doing something to make the most of my time.  Theme Weeks are an idea that motivates me to do a little something more with the small crew around here and it has been a great way to make fun memories.  It's really cool to hear one of them say, "Remember last year when we turned our closets into caves for Bear Week?  Yeah, that was so fun!" 

I usually come up with a theme based on what's going on that week (Harvest Week) or from a children's book (Littles Week).  Then I find fun songs or craft ideas from the internet (love Pinterest and YouTube).

I hope that some of these ideas might inspire other moms just like me to have fun with the little people in their lives. :)

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  1. I LOVE this idea. I
    t helps to place order, in an otherwise chaotic world. Both the child and parent can look forward to a new adventure each week, which incorporates family bonding time, education, and memories all at once!