Our Adoption

Our Adoption

Just as we were beginning the actual paperwork of the adoption process  I stumbled upon adoption blogs.  I couldn't get enough.  There were other families who were just starting like us and others that were just ahead of us--paving the way.  Through each step of the ups and downs of paperwork, waiting, and now learning how to grow together adoption blogs have helped us to feel not so alone and even "normal." :)  

Below are some of the posts that paint a picture of our adoption story...

About Us


The Paperwork



 Getting Ready to Meet Her

Trip 1: February 2011


Trip 2: March 2011
Home and Milestones
Our Videos
Trip 1 Slideshow

A smudge: a: a blurry spot or streak b: an immaterial stain

As we have started on this journey of adoption from Ethiopia, it is making indelible marks on our hearts. The day-to-day of our normal lives has become too ordinary. How do you become exposed to a larger world and not be changed? Wanting more from your life, wanting a greater purpose?

We have been abundantly blessed with a beautiful family. Join us on our journey as we grow through the process of adoption. Learning more about being parents, embracing other cultures and opening our hearts to a larger world. A journey that will forever leave what we have known smudged with greater love for people whom we have yet to know.


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