Thursday, April 05, 2018

Summer and Fall Books 2016

(Whale watching in the Bay of Fundy, Canada--2016.)

(Note: I'm playing some very big catch-up.  I've been keeping book lists for over the past year and am finally publishing them.  These are books that we read over the summer and early fall of 2016--when my crew was 10, 8 and 6--heading into fifth, third and first grades.)

Audio Books

Read Alouds

For School




William Lishman (Father Goose)
Tedx: Recycled Orchestra

America the Beautiful
All Things Bright and Beautiful


Field Trips
9/21 Cary Institute--Tick Study
9/23 Cary Institute--Tick Study
9/29 Samuel Morse House: Pulleys, Newtons and Inclined Planes
10/13 Samuel Morse House: Morse Code and the Telegraph
10/17 Cary Institute--Creek Pollution
11/3  Tour of Police Station with Troup K
11/4 Cary Institute--Creek Pollution
11/8 Vassar Farm--Animal Adaptions with the Seasons
11/10 Samuel Morse House: Levers

Summer 2016 (Bromont, Canada)
For a complete list of all of our Audio Books click HERE.  
And for all of our Read Alouds, click HERE.

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