Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Year of the Rooster Parade

We spent most of January reading books about Chinese New Year.  This year our friend from China would be spending the first days of the new year with us and we were very excited to celebrate with him.  

T was so inspired that he created a huge parade for the occasion. 

He started with a short speech.

A large (furry) crowd gathered.

The jeep started the parade.

(The riddle on the lantern hanging from the back.)

His band "The Fishity Fosh Band" played Chinese music.

There was a dragon boat.

Marchers carrying flags.

They tossed paper watermelon candy out to the crowd.

There was a float filled with birds dedicated to the Year of the Rooster.

He tied the floats together so that they would move in unison.

The final float was my favorite--a comorant fisherman played by Mr. Jeremy Fisher. (Somehow the two are connected in his mind.)  (He saw a picture of one in his MAPS book.)

He used almost anything he could find with wheels in our house. :)

The parade ended with a dragon dance.

What a fun Chinese New Year parade!!!!

Frosty Days

A peek back at the third week of January.

Monday, January 16
It was a beautiful frosty morning.


I found the score from Sunday's card game.

Wednesday, January 18
Sometimes Dave likes to learn, too. :)

Thursday, January 19
Another Finn Obedience Class. :)

Friday, January 20
We started the day with yoga.  (Finn, too.)

Then we watched the inauguration.

Finn escaped to his favorite "hiding" spot for a nap.  (How long will he fit under there?)

It was a good day for a Finn walk.

Saturday, January 21
Our morning started with an amazing Chinese New Year parade entirely made by T.  He spent a good portion of the week escaping to the basement to work on his floats.  (See the next post for the whole production.)

And then it became the day that I will dub "crazy medical spa day" or "the day I went to the ER because it was Saturday and it was where I was sent for a minor problem and most definitely and thankfully not a real emergency but I had childcare and in the end everything was very okay."  

When I finally got home we got to spend the evening with Seanow--J's coworker from China who we would be getting to spend time with over the next week.

We were all so excited for the week ahead and had been reading lots of books to know what to expect for our first Chinese New Year celebration.

Braces and Boxes

A glimpse back at the second week of January.

Monday, January 9
J left early in the morning for a few days of work in CA and then later in the week he met up with his dad in Utah for some skiing.

M got braces!

(While she was getting her new smile, the others worked on school.)

Then after a "soft" lunch at Barnes and Noble, M and T had archery.

Tuesday, January 10
My friends gave me the most beautiful bouquet for my (belated) birthday.  

We grabbed lunch at Panera's. (And totally might have used the ride so that we could listen to more of our story--In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson.)

The entire Forest Feast cookbook collection is stunningly beautiful and full of simple recipes.  We ate an abundance of yogurt (and sugar) covered strawberries over the course of the week.

Wednesday, January 11
The "pond" is usually dry--but the melting snow and rain have been filling it.

We're learning that multiple daily walks help Finn rest while we're doing our school work.  Plus, it gets me outside even when it's cold.

Usually they color while I read at bedtime, but T set up a whole campfire.

Thursday, January 12
Something everyone likes (a miracle): zucchini bread.

Sunny days make taking Finn for walks especially lovely.

We survived obedience school without J. ;)

But, he did nearly chew through his leash so we had to stop to pick up a new one on the way home.  (Since then he's eaten his way through a total of four.)

Friday, January 13
They spent the week building a stuffed animal hotel using all of the Amazon boxes from Christmas.

Saturday, January 14
J took a red-eye and arrived back at home early in the morning.  We spent the morning catching up with coffee in front of the fire.  

Then we all went to see Hidden Figures.  What an AWESOME, inspiring movie!

We had dinner out (Red Robin) and then all fell into our beds after a long week.