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Lake Agnes Tea House

 A Photo Journal series from our trip to Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies.
Lake Agnes

Thursday, July 6, 2017
We started our drive to Lake Louise by taking the Bow Valley Parkway again.  While we had spied two bears the day before, this morning we saw our first elk.

We made it to Lake Louise by 8:30a and started by gawking at the views near the Fairmont Chateau.

Then we started up the trail to the Lake Agnes Tea House at 9:15a.

Unlike the trails the day before, this hike was straight up the whole way.  (It was also hot.  And buggy.) 

The trees were full of spider webs sparkling in the sunshine.

Mirror Lake--the place where we thought for sure the tea house must be just ahead. (10:35a)

We kept hiking knowing it couldn't be too much farther.  (Mirror Lake below us.)

The Tea House was just to the right of the top of the waterfall.

We shared the trail with horses.

Once we reached the waterfall, the Tea House was just at the top of a long staircase.

The view from the top of the waterfall.

The Lake Agnes Tea House! (~11:00a)
I may have complained at the bottom about the incline, heat and constant mosquitoes, but it was totally worth it.

It's first come, first serve and thankfully J and T found seats for us inside.  (T with his apple cobbler.)

We visited a lot of restrooms on our trip.  These were up the mountain and up even more stairs.

Snow. :)

The view from Lake Agnes down on Mirror Lake with Lake Louise at the bottom.

Then we started back down.  J and T scrambled up these boulders.

(The rest of us as seen by J and T.)

When we reached Mirror Lake again, Beza realized that she had left her satchel at the Tea House.  :(  J decided to run/hike back to the top while we kept hiking down to the bottom. (12:30p)

He reached us right before this view. :)

 They stopped to cool off in Lake Louise (1:30p) before we ate packed lunches at the van.

We drove to Yoho National Park and peeked in at the Emerald Lake Lodge.  (They grabbed ice cream sandwiches, too.)

Then we drove to the Natural Bridge.  (Along the way we were listening to the GyPSy app--a great way to learn about the history of the area and the best places to get out and look around at the sights.)

Field, British Columbia.

Part of the Spiral Tunnels.

We made the small walk to the base of Takukah Falls.

The mist at the base was freezing and it created a breeze that took our breaths away.

Along the drive to the falls we passed through an old avalanche.  (Crazy.)  (We also drove on switchbacks that required the bus in front of us to go both forward and backwards to make it down the road.)

 Just before leaving Yoho M saw a bear near the Spiral Tunnels.

Then we made the almost one hour drive back to our condo.  The views along the way were spectacular.  (There are even wildlife bridges.)

We got dinner from the grocery store, did some laundry and then watched the sunset from the balcony.  It was 10pm.

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