Thursday, August 03, 2017

While J Was Away (The Last Full Week of May)

Tuesday, May 23
 (Mt. Rainier from the sky.)

All of the irises seemed to have bloomed while were away.

Dave was glad to have us back.  (Of course.)

So was Finn.  (And, no doubt, Billy was, too.)

Wednesday, May 24
I started unpacking.  The thing about packing everything (four of us in one carry-on) so tidily on the way there, was that we had to pack the dirty laundry just as neatly to get it all back in to go home.

Thursday, May 25
Rainy day.

Friday, May 26
We started prepping for an outdoor work day on Saturday by picking up some supplies at Home Depot and then going to Panera's for dinner.

Saturday, May 27
Our yard was like a hay field after being gone the week before and then having J away all of this week.  I had never used the rider mower before but figured there was no better time than the present.  It took about 5 calls each to my dad and brother-in-law to figure it all out.  And due to a funny story (in retrospect) about my sister deciding to use a rider mower for the first time and accidentally crashing into her husband's bicycle, I pushed the mower into the middle of the lawn to start it the first time. ;)  My favorite part was when I made several passes the length of the yard without having the blade engaged--I was basically just going for a joy ride.  But in the end (with a little help from M who helped me start the push mower), we got the job done.

The four baby phoebe's left their nest while I was mowing.

The mower ran out of gas, and while I went out to get more, these two also learned how to wash the van windows.

Then we built some swings!


We watched a few YouTube videos and learned how to make these knots.  

And this swing arrived just in time.  (Confession: I may have bought it just for me--it's a nice place to rest.)

It was a good, restful week--but we were definitely thankful that J was coming home late that night. :)

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