Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ending June

Sunday, June 25
After church we stopped to meet the cows at our favorite ice cream place.

Monday, June 26
Beautiful blue skies in the back yard.

We took J to work and were a little disturbed by the number of vultures hanging out on his building.  (Is there a hidden meaning?)

We picked J up from work and drove to get his new-to-him car near the big city.  On the way home I drove on major city roads for the first time ever.

Tuesday, June 27
It was a lake day.

Every afternoon they hold a themed sand-castle contest.  The Theme: Dinosaurs.  
Mega-stega. (2nd Place M and B.)

The Cave of Time.

This swing has gotten a lot of use.


Wednesday, June 28
We went raspberry-picking.

The day's sand-castle contest--Pirates.

The Cockatoo of Doom. (2nd Place T and B.)

Thursday, June 29
On a walk with Finn I stopped to look at the flowers.  I didn't know that chickory petals looked like that on the ends.

A neighbor gave us the most beautiful eggs.

He is always building something--we have a huge stash or cardboard and recyclables in the basement.

Friday, June 30
Beza's beautiful color parade.

More sand-castle entries--Space.
The Border of Mars.


 Beza's Solar System.

Saturday, August 1
There was a beautiful rainbow over our neighborhood.

Sunday, August 2
We were leaving for our big summer vacation early on Monday morning so we were trying to squeeze in as much Finn-time as possible before we left.

We tried to go to bed early because we were leaving bright and early for Montana and the Canadian Rockies.

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  1. Hey G, still following your blog all these years after OC99. I'd love to ask you a few questions, but I don't have your (or J's) email. Shoot me one at ekangel at hotmail dot com and put something about you or OC99 in subject so I see it. Looking forward to hearing from you. -Elizabeth