Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Disney--Our Last Day and Going Home

A photo journal of our last day in Disney World. (Monday, May 22)

A few glimpses around the Caribbean Beach Resort.

We had to check into the main office so we hopped on a bus early in the morning with all of our bags.

Then we Ubered to Magic Kingdom.  (Our original plan was to spend the day at Hollywood Studios, but we decided that what they would really love was a little more time at Magic Kingdom.  It was a good choice. :)

We rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain.

Before grabbing lunch with the ducks.

Then we all rode the Jungle Cruise before splitting up--J and Beza went in search of princesses and M, T and I for adventure. :)
 (A brown anole (?) while we had a snack.)

They cooled off before we rode Space Mountain.

When a brief rain storm passed, M got us to the front of the line for The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

On our way back to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (which we rode 2 more times in a row--it was their second favorite ride after Soarin'), we got held up by the afternoon parade.

One last time on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Due to storms, our dinner-time flight kept being delayed until later and later so we just kept jumping on more and more rides.

Our last ride of the day was The Barnstormer--phew--I think it was the roughest ride we rode! ;)

Meanwhile J and Beza were busy hugging characters.

We grabbed some treats and then left the park to go back to the hotel to grab our bags.

 We used Uber again to get to the airport under very stormy skies.

We grabbed another bite to eat at 8:45pm before all of the airport food places closed down for the night.

We finally got on board around 12:45am.

And landed back in our home state around 3am.  (On the tram to parking.)

All of the delays would have been no big deal except that J was leaving our house to go to China at 7am.  We pulled into our driveway at a little after 5am and while the rest of us snuggled deep under our blankets, he unpacked and repacked for another week away.  (Thankfully he was able to catch up on sleep on the long flights.)  (Blurry sunrise photo.)

We had such a fun time in Walt Disney World.  Our bodies were definitely tired, but they LOVED it more than we would have guessed. And it's always a gift to get to spend time with family. :)

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