Friday, August 04, 2017

Beginning June

Sunday, June 4
My sister's little guys played soccer with T before they left.

Then after a BBQ at church, T had some slow play that he just had to do on the swing.  In the rain.

It almost looked like Finn shared my thoughts about the rainy days ahead again.  (But I actually think he likes the rain--it gives him more mud for digging. ;)

Monday, May 5
Boo--I had a stomach bug, but they made it to archery.

Tuesday, May 6
I Love Lucy night.

Wednesday, May 7
J went away for work for a few days.  (T and Dave.)

While M was at her orthodontist appointment I was on a search for our next books in Honey for a Child's Heart.  (The Trolls and Paddle-to-the-Sea.)

They had been practicing for the end-of-the-year recital.  T was playing In the Hall of the Mountain King and she was playing along for fun (at home).

Thursday, May 8
Happy Finn.

After the orthodontist appointment the day before, we picked out flowers and tomatoes to plant on the deck.

But first we had to wait for these ants to move out of the pots!

While I had out the camera to remember the creepy ants, I snapped a few pictures of the flowers around here.
(Peonies forever, choke-cherry berries, columbine and a chipping sparrow.)

And then it was soccer practice night.

Friday, May 9
Sunset.  (And J was home!)

Saturday, May 10
Our first kayaking of the season. 
 (Even Beza got to kayak on her own while these two were in the water.)

We loaded up the kayaks just as the skies opened up with more rain.  

Summer was almost here!

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