Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A Day at Animal Kingdom

A Photo Journal of our day at Animal Kingdom.  (Saturday, May 20)

 (A daily photo of our crew so that we knew what they were wearing in case they got lost. (!))

We met up with my parents and sister at the park.

We started with the Kilimanjaro Safari.

We took the Wildlife Express Train.

 To the Affection Section.

After that my parents left to go to Epcot and we walked through the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.  Then we rode Expedition Everest--surprisingly my most favorite ride there.  (Beza and M have similar feelings about unknown roller coaster rides--don't trust the bar and hold on to the sides with all your might.)

It was a crazy hot day but we found a shady place for lunch.

After doing the It's Tough to be a Bug show got ready to ride Kali River Rapids.  (They were a little unsure at first but we LOVED it.)

Before leaving the park we explored DinoLand for a short bit. (It was hot!)

The Primeval Whirl was a rough ride!

We met my family for dinner at the Grand Floridian for Cinderella's Happily Ever After dinner.
 The characters definitely had personality. :)

Our whole crew. 
 (A little more personality. ;)

The bus ride back to the Caribbean Resort.

We ended the night by taking a quick swim and walking around our hotel with the fireworks in the distance.

It was a beautiful night.  (And day)

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