Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Walks and Blooms

Sunday, April 30
Sleepy Sunday morning...

After church J and Finn went on a walk.

Tuesday, May 2
Beza and M put together Beza's Easter puzzle.

Wednesday, May 3
They had been reading a lot of J's old Choose-Your-Own Adventure books.  We finally checked out a few more from the library.

We went on a walk with our friends.

Thursday, May 4
Grocery store blooms. (Plus Starbucks in hand.)

The green was so fresh. (At Tractor Supply.)

Soccer practice night gave me a chance to hunt for recipes while I wait.

Friday, May 5
Rainy day.

M played a "Guess That Song" game with her guitar.  Unfortunately J and I  have never been very good at that game on a good day. ;)

Saturday, May 6
Sunny (ish) Soccer Saturday.

Finn and Mabel practicing their "big" smiles.  Haha. 

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