Monday, July 31, 2017

The Days Before Our Trip to Disney

A look back at the short week we had before our long-anticipated trip to Walt Disney World with my family.

Sunday, May 14
Mother's Day
Dave started the day in one of his usual spots, looking out the window at the birds who kept swooping in and out of their nest.

This year we've been stopping for ice cream for lunch after church A LOT.

We spent a decent amount of time just staring up at the rainbow clouds and fluff floating through the air.

We finally caught a glimpse of the baby birds.  Four of them!  (Great nest.)

The lilacs were blooming and the irises and peony were almost ready.

Beza started to learn how to ride a two-wheeler.  She did well!

The crew that made me a mom. :)  

And their gifts.  (A water bottle with a choice of lids--in the box.  I use it to water my plants.  Some jewelry--homemade and shared.  And beautiful cards. :) )

My mom and me.  (Look at those matching outfits. ;)

We took down the gate and for a few weeks that board worked to keep Finn from coming into the kitchen while we were eating dinner.  ;)
Monday, May 15
M wrote an entire journal about the packing technique my sister shared with me. ;)

The swallows were darting all over the just-starting-to-grow reeds in the pond.

Tuesday, May 16
These two (three) spend a lot of time together. 

Wednesday, May 17
Finn and T.  (We were getting ready to board him for our trip.)

But first we went on a walk (bike ride) together.

The baby birds were growing.

I took a lot of pictures of the flowers to show my dad (who gave them to me) in Disney World. :)

The kids were so excited about our trip in the morning that they were sure they would never be able to fall asleep. :)

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