Monday, July 31, 2017

Tests, Birds and Museums

A look back at the second week of May.

Sunday, May 7
While these two were busy working after church,

The rest of them were catching up on Disney movies.  (Sleeping Beauty.)

T made these felt characters.  (An alligator and owl family.)

Monday, May 8
We finished up the last of our yearly standardized testing.  (The IOWA Test again.)
The only casualty was a pencil pushed on a bit too hard. ;)

M's new job is to make a weekly forecast for the refrigerator. ;)

From Instagram:  Finn would like the squirrels to know that while the cats may be in charge inside, he is top dog outside.


Tuesday, May 9
While J spent the day in Raleigh, we were at home doing our usual.

There are a lot of grackles around this year.

The bluejays loved the old peanuts we threw out for them.

We've had plenty of mud to "cook" with in the outdoor play kitchen.  (Ha-sometimes too much.)

We were on a I Love Lucy kick.

Wednesday, May 10
We crammed in as many Normal Rockwell books as possible before our field trip on Friday.

Thursday, May 11
The flowers outside of music lessons

Friday, May 12
It was a stunningly beautiful day to drive to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass.

Later we stopped at a bird sanctuary.  The vulture was our favorite--he had so much personality.

Saturday, May 13
Signs found around upstairs. ;)

This is the cupcake from the diner that broke my Whole30.

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