Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cats, Symphonies and Dandelions

April: Week 3

Sunday, April 16
We found Dave looking out the window behind the couch.

Monday, April 17
Bill, our rarely seen except by M, other cat.  (Pic by M.)
(Collage by M.)

We loved seeing everything start to blossom.  (Library trees.)

We tried kiwiberries for the first time and LOVED them.  

Tuesday, April 18
Almost every Tuesday during the school year, I get together with a group of Moms to read a book together.  M watches Finn and Mable for their dog playdate.  And T watches the two little girls that come.  All by himself he plans what they'll play.  :)  (Beza does her schoolwork.)

Wednesday, April 19
We went to a symphony and loved that, too.  
(We had hoped to go to a magic show earlier in the winter, but it was cancelled due to snow and we were given tickets to the symphony instead.)

Parking lot flowers.

I started a Whole30 on April 10--trying to get to the bottom of pesky stomach issues.  This card at Barnes and Noble was perfect.

Thursday, April 20
Finn--making couches (and blanket forts) look comfortable all day long.

First soccer practice of the season.  

Saturday, April 22
We had the first soccer games of the spring and M decorated her bike with the prolific dandelions. 

And she found these crazy, fasciated dandelions. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 16
They came downstairs to find their Easter baskets on the table.
 (Those faces...)

A peek around the house.

After a morning at home we went to church.

Then we gathered everyone together to take a family picture.

 (Trying to get a dog to smile is a bit complicated. ;)

Later we had our own Easter egg hunt--and this year we actually stuffed them with candy and money and a few trinkets.  (No more cheerios and raisins. ;)

(The grocery store gave me enough of these silly glasses for each of them.)

It was a fun day of celebrating Easter together.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Dog Sleepover

(I love having the highlights of our days captured here.  This season of homeschooling hasn't left a lot of free time to blog it all in a timely way. ;)  We're looking forward to a slower summer starting this week. :)  Here's a look all the way back at second week of April.)

Monday, April 10
After a fun weekend away with our families for Palm Sunday, we picked up Finn's sister, Mable, to hang out with us for a few days. 

While the dogs were playing (and resting), M and T were making chalk art.

(Around 10p, Dave-the-Cat got out of the house through a mistakenly opened window missing a screen.  He's been an indoor-only cat for about a year and half.  J and I spent the next two hours following him around back and forth from deep under the deck to deep under the cars.  Around midnight I sadly decided that no matter how many treats we offered or how nicely we talked, it was up to Dave to come back in on his own.  Which he did, not long after.  Crazy cat.)

(Also, T woke up in the morning with a tick on his back.  Evil creatures.)

(It must have been a slow week, because I didn't take any more pictures until Friday. :)

Friday, April 14
M was working with Finn on his "leave it" skills.  That's a lot of kibble on those paws.

We read our favorite Bible version of Good Friday and painted pictures to remember the day.

Saturday, April 15
We were excited about celebrating Easter the next day.