Sunday, May 07, 2017

"What Just Happened?!" (April Fool's Day)

Our small crew takes April Fool's Day very seriously.  This year they played a ton of small pranks and then they pulled off the impossible. ;)

A few minor tricks to start. (M was very busy.)
 ("Rotten milk.")
 (Bugs in the butter.)
 (Gibberish over my print.)

T's few little funnies.

Beza's scary bug.

Then, when just the right conditions aligned they pulled a prank that I'm pretty sure will never happen again. 

While J went to the hardware store to get some parts to fix our leaking shower (It had been leaking into the dining room!), M worked some minor magic with T's appearance.  She mixed a concoction of spices to look like dirt that she painted on his face.  She gelled his hair and added a band-aid, sunglasses and a backwards cap.  T put on a button down, khaki pants and an attitude.  They turned on a recording of T playing his keyboard in his room to make it sound like he was practicing upstairs.

Just after J walked into our bathroom to get back to work, the doorbell rang.  I followed behind him to take some pictures not because I thought he would be fooled but because I thought T just looked so cute.

J was expecting someone trying to sell him something and he was relieved to see that it was just "some kid" (talking with a totally annoyed and bored voice) getting signatures for his dad to join the school board.  Distracted and just wanting to get back to work, J added his signature to the bottom of the list and said goodbye to the "kid."  As the kid walked away J noticed his PSU hat and almost stopped to ask if the kid's dad had gone there.  (It was J's hat.)

J closed the door and noticed me taking his picture (and by now laughing).  He pulled off his own hat and sat on the steps saying, "What just happened?!  Wait a minute... Was that T?"  

I can not believe their trick actually worked!

Later our friends sent this text. :)

I can't even begin to keep up with their level of tricks, but J and I did put these pictures on the potties.

We put some giant bug cut-outs in the lights.

And put peanuts in their toothpaste.

I went to bed very glad that there is a whole year before April 1 comes again. :)

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