Sunday, May 07, 2017

Patty Pans and Milk Art

A peek back at the first week of April.

Wednesday, April 5
From Instagram: We could always use a little more laughter around here. We're working our way through some of Beatrix Potter's stories and some of them are so unexpectedly funny. (Like the Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan and Ginger and Pickles.). Also, the boiling hydrangea trick is a cut-flower game-changer.

We also played with milk, food coloring and soap.
(Dave the cat drank some of the milk when he could get close enough.)

Our feet at the end of the day. :)  (The kids and I had been exploring the pond.)

The night ended with a beautiful sunset.

Thursday, April 6
The pussy willows while we were running some errands to get ready for the weekend away.

Lunch--From Instagram:  Four yogurts four ways. [Whole milk yogurt light on sugar and granola, 2% yogurt heavy on the granola, everything in moderation, and hold the granola, please.] 

Backyard geese.

Friday, April 7
M prepped some car games for our drive to see our families for the weekend.  

Oh my...while I stepped away to get ready for another errand, T accidentally broke this lamp shade all over the Easter eggs we had prepped to go for weekend egg hunts.  (He was playing a game with Finn using a long grabber arm that swung up and hit the light.)  

Later we packed up the car for a very fun weekend with all of our sisters. :)

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