Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Week of the Blizzard of 2017 (Stella)

Sunday, March 12
We played Apples to Apples.

This massive structure has been in my closet for days--it's a little hard to get to our clothes...

Monday, March 13
Archery day.

The seagull and the striking blue sky give no clue that a for-real blizzard is on its way.

They have been pretending that they have a restaurant called Perfecto's. :)

The walls of our house are plastered with warnings.

The sunset before the storm.

Tuesday, March 14
Blizzard day.
(The view across the pond.)

The official recorded amount when it was all over was 21". (This was taken at noon.)

It was also Pi Day.  So we had pies.

Wednesday, March 15
It was still snowing.

Thursday, March 16
So many birds to watch...

I found this on my phone.  (Oh my...she's getting so big...)

Learning "leave it" at dog class.

Friday, March 17
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
(Our annual we're-wearing-something-green photo.)

We went to the mall for lunch and then to Trader Joe's.

M and T made "Digestive System Theme Parks" to review what they've been learning in science.

Beza and I took Finn for a walk.  (He LOVES climbing the snow banks.)

We can't stop birdwatching.
(Landing pad.)

Saturday, March 18
The morning crew.  (Mostly still sporting green.)

Spring is just a few days away!

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