Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring is Here! (Birds and Friends)

Sunday, March 19
While J, M and T went skiing for the day (to use some passes they had before the season was over), Beza and I went to church and then did some shopping.  (We happed upon this musical group at the mall.)

Monday, March 20
Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Tuesday, March 21
Every Tuesday (except the snowy ones--of which there have been many) my friends come over for an hour and a half to catch up and to talk about a book. (We're reading Francis Chan's Crazy Love.)  And we always have something good to eat.

Finn has made quite a mud hole.

These are the remainders of the caves/forts that M and T made during the Blizzard.

Wednesday, March 22
Journaling time. :)

We got to spend the morning with friends we haven't seen in too long.

Ha--a pic for posterity--we've had these mealy worms in the cupboard for like a year to feed to some kind of bird.  Every once in a while I would accidentally pick them up and be a little surprised by the contents of the package.  It was time for them to go.  (I don't even think the birds liked them.)

Thursday, March 23
T usually wakes up with a project in mind.  Lately he's been using an electronics kit.  

I gave them a few more k'nex to add to his pulley/wheel supply.  

Lots of bluebirds were in the backyard.

Icicles formed in their melting caves/forts.  Like stalactites.  (Some of them were quite sharp!)

Happy Puppy Day!

We ended the day with ice cream and LuLaRoe shopping.  

Friday, March 24
A few love doves. ;)

We went to a large puppet dinosaur performance.

And then stopped for a treat before another playdate.

While we were out we finally got a new garage door--ours hadn't been functioning in weeks.  (Whoo-hoo!)

And then we went to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner to celebrate Beza's 6-year Gotcha Day. :)

Saturday, March 25
All day long the yard was filled with robins.  (The snow was really melting away.)

We ended the week with a rare date night and had an especially delicious dinner. 

 Only one more week of March!

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