Saturday, April 15, 2017

March is Here!

Let's catch up! 

Looking way back at the first week of March. :) 

Sunday, February 26
Two blue birds playing house-hunters. 
The sunset from grocery shopping after an after-church meeting and then some shopping time by myself. :)

Monday, February 27 
Archery day.

The days are getting longer...

Tuesday, February 28
We went for a walk in the woods.  And came back with 4 ticks.  (We are always wrongly optimistic that there will be less ticks in the WINTER.)

Wednesday, March 1
Ducks visited the pond in the morning.

Pussy willows were blooming, too.

We tried to read a little more poetry in February.  To wrap it up we listened to THIS while painting art inspired by the poetry.  (Beza-a bird from Summer, Me-a wolf from Wolf, and T-The Dentist and the Crocodile.)

Dave has been lingering very nearby while we do our work.

Thursday, March 2
Dave--learning the ins and outs of 3rd grade multiplication and division.

No week is complete without a trip to the library.

Friday, March 3
Finn has outgrown the small stuffed toys.  Poor Red Dog.

We got to learn about how the Native American Indians made maple syrup.  (They would have heated the sap in a wood trough by adding heated stones to boil away the water.  A crazy, long process.)

Then we saw how we do it today.  (Thanks, DS!!)

After our field trip we stopped by the Garden Show--much needed color at the end of winter.

And then we spotted this giant peanut car outside the grocery store.  Random.

Saturday, March 4
We got ready for my parents to arrive to celebrate T's birthday.

We spent some time talking with Alexa. ;)

We all went out to eat at the diner--a place we surprisingly all love. :) (My dad.)

T got "dirt cake" and Bubsy (my sister) got cheesecake to celebrate both of their birthdays.

Then we all settled down to watch Planet Earth 2.  (I feel like we watch most of it with our mouths hanging open saying, "No way!")  (It was past Beza's bedtime--but, no worries, this one was a repeat for us and we watch it all together every week before she goes to bed.)

Sunday, March 5
GrammyKathy and Grandpa got T Straws and Connectors and they played with them for a full week straight.  (They even pooled their money to buy another set.)

Then after doing a bit of work under the hood of their car, my family left bright and early (as is their custom).  

Thanks for coming, my people! :)

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