Saturday, April 15, 2017

Maple Syrup, Math and Malaysia

The last week of March.

Sunday, March 26
We got to watch our little friend get baptized in the morning--it was so special.

In the afternoon we went to our most favorite maple syrup place to stock up.
 Maple syrup cotton candy.  (Not pictured--the popcorn.)

Monday, March 27
J left for a few days in Arizona.

Tuesday, March 28
Water cooler birds.

Wednesday, March 29
As usual, because J was traveling, I had a house full of travelers, too.  (This time to Malaysia*.)

A library wooly bear.

We came home with a huge stack of math books.  Fun books make math fun.  (T was trying to solve the Konigsberg bridge problem.;)

Beza journaling. :)

Friday, March 30
J came home early and we all went out to breakfast before he headed to work.

Also, due to the retirement announcement of the color dandelion, they scoured their crayon supply to conserve them.

Saturday, April 1
April Fool's Day--that's one for another post. ;)

But it's also the day the sky squirrels reappeared.

And the groundhog.  It looks like planting vegetables in the garden will be futile again this year. :/

*I think T's trip location was inspired by the following. :)  While J was away we had been reading 13 Skyscrapers Every Child Should Know (and had just learned about the Petronas Towers).  And we watched Samantha Brown in Malaysia.  We also started Big Crazy Family Adventure--what a fun show!

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