Thursday, March 09, 2017

Welcoming February

Sunday, January 29
After church we took the whole crew shopping for jeans for J.  (Their favorite.  Hahaha.)

Monday, January 30
We took down all of the red and replaced it with more neutral colors for February.

(Every month M decorates the hallway with seasonal art.  She snapped this picture before she replaced these with February art.)

Tuesday, January 31
His book for the next six weeks. :)  Slow and steady. :)

Finn celebrated his 6-month birthday with his sister Mabel on Saturday with a cake and a few presents--including this most-awesome ball.


We put out a small dish of bird seed because we have missed the birds terribly.  (We don't want Finn to eat the birdseed or what the birds leave behind and it's challenging to find a good place where he can't get to any of that.)

Thursday, February 2
M captured some of the birds outside our window.  (The snow from a few days ago was almost completely melted.)

Finn is a fan or our new plush front-door rug.

And he's working on lots of helpful skills at his dog elementary class.

Friday, February 3
Nana and Pop arrived to celebrate T's birthday a few weeks early. :)

(Nana makes the BEST, most beautiful cakes!!!)

M loved T's new truck so much that she bought one with her own money so that they can drive them around together. :)

Saturday, February 4
While they spent the day skiing with Nana and Pop and Daddy, I ran errands and in general almost didn't know what to do with myself with no one else around. ;)

Sunday, February 5
Before they left, Pop worked with getting Beza on track with math. :)

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