Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Best Distractions + A Big Snow

Sunday, February 5
After Nana and Pop left and much later after church, M and T made their own Super Bowl party.

We had a Super Bowl dinner--stromboli with crudites
(Note: All of those cup marks and nicks in the table are finally gone!  We repainted it two weekends ago. :)

Monday, February 6
Finn and Dave while we do school work.  

Tuesday, February 7
Almost every Tuesday Finn has a play date with his sister Mabel.  (M dog sits. :)

Wednesday, February 8
He is the best distraction...

Beza and I walked out the relative distances of the planets.

M has been patiently playing lots of math games with Beza. :)

Despite the beauty of the day, these warnings kept popping up all over our house (aka "town").

Sunset before the snow.

Thursday, February 9
Snow Day!  We got 11" of snow.

The sound of the plow truck always sends them scurrying to the window.

Dave runs to the window for another reason.

Ha--just like me.

We took a morning walk while the snow was still falling.

The pond in the woods wasn't frozen so the snow turned it this mucky color.

We could finally make maple syrup candy.  We've been waiting over a year for enough snow to make it.  (But remember the time we tried to make honey candy instead?)

And, of course, we made our favorite snow day treat--snow ice cream!

Friday, February 10
We hurried through school so that we could go sledding down the big hill.

(But first they showed me their "forts" that they had built the day before.)

The snow was super powdery.  There were lots of "wipeouts" into the soft snow but no one was hurt. ;)  (Sunglasses as goggles definitely made it more fun.)

The sky was beautiful--there were so many iridescent clouds.

Saturday, February 11
Finn and J came sledding, too.

Then after we went out to dinner, we went to bed excited about the possibility of more snow in the morning.

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