Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Fever (+Puppy Surgery and Table Mishaps)

A look back at the week that we caught spring fever:
Monday, February 20
While Finn spent the day relaxing on the couch, I spent the day cleaning and scrubbing and removing the screen from our kitchen window to make it brighter.  (I was definitely inspired by our friends' amazing view.)  And then writing our homeschooling quarterly reports.

Wednesday, February 22
From Instagram: "Today was for drinking lots of tea (to battle a brewing cold) and for touching up doors and trim between math and history lessons. (Also, after falling in love with our friends' kitchen sink view last week, a few days ago I scrubbed ours and removed the screen--we can not believe how much light streams into our kitchen now. It's like we used to live in a hobbit hole.)"

Thursday, February 23
It was apparently very warm out--I spy shorts and flip flops.

After Finn's dog class we stopped for ice cream sundaes on the way home.

Friday, February 24
First thing in the morning, we dropped Finn off for his scheduled "puppy surgery."  (Poor guy.)

It was so warm--most of us were wearing shorts and flip flops.  I decided it was time to finally tackle our kitchen table.  

The chairs turned out well, the table top not so much.  Maybe it was the wind, or maybe my skill level--but some of it was smooth and some of it was more textured.  But I considered the fact that it was at least solid black to be a win. ;)

While I attempted to fix the table they painted and played outside.
(His eyes are closed because he "was momentarily paralyzed because he was going so fast.")

And while I found some crocuses,

Beza found this amazing lightning bug larvae.

J picked up a very sad looking Finn.  But despite his looks, he was mostly just very sleepy.

Saturday, February 25 
J woke up and said, "Okay, you've made me care about this table that I really didn't care about before.  Let's fix it!"  Hahaha.  (Not my intention--but I'll take all the help I can get. :)

But first we went outside with Finn, who was feeling much better.

The geese had been flying overhead a lot.

And the trees appear to be full of buds.

The redwing blackbirds are back and that is always a sure sign that spring is on the way.  (Much like last year.)

We took on the table (again) and it turned out much better!  It almost looks like new. :)  (J used his electric sprayer.)

And then we went out to dinner to celebrate the end of the week.  (M made up a game for us to play while we waited for our food.  She drew each one of us the same shape and then we had to turn it into something.

It was such a beautiful week--the kind that gives you a severe case of spring fever.

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