Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Finishing January

A look way back at the end of January...

Sunday, January 22
After church and lunch out, we went on a walk over the river with J's coworker (visiting from China).  It was a perfect January day--not too hot or cold or windy.

Monday, January 23
T helped me put together some new, bigger end tables.

Then we went to archery.

Tuesday, January 24
Because of the warm weather the ground never froze and there is mud everywhere.  Including all over Finn by 9am.

And the kitchen floor.

And the living room where he tried to hide under his favorite chair to escape his imminent bath.

By 4pm we had inches of slush covering all that mud.

And T had made these googles.

Wednesday, January 25 
The frozen slush on a sunny morning was a beautiful backdrop for a walk with Finn.

After finishing their school work, the kids spent the day making a thousand (well, not that many, but it felt like it when I had to iron them all) perler bead masterpieces.

Thursday, January 26
Finn has decided to dig a moat around the deck.  (Fingers crossed that the ground will freeze sometime soon.)

The library tree is always magnificent.

This book is something that is "saving my life right now."  I'm so thankful that Sally and Nathan were brave enough to share their story.

Friday, January 27
We had the honor of spending Chinese New Year's Eve with a few of J's coworkers.  It was amazingly delicious and it felt very special to be invited to their celebration.

Saturday, January 28
These two "crate-mates*" both woke up excited about their days.  Finn would be spending the whole day with his sister, Mabel, while our family headed into the city for the Firecracker Festival.

*T does not sleep in the crate. ;)

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