Saturday, March 11, 2017

Big Snow, Hills, Animals, Cupcakes and Views

Sunday, February 12
We woke up to more snow and cancelled church.

So we went for a walk in the woods (aka the briar patch).

And they spent a lot of the day playing games.
(J spent many snowy days in his childhood playing Scrabble with his dad and sister.  Fun for his dad and him, not so much for his sister. ;)

Normally Finn sleeps in his crate or in front of the fire if J falls asleep on the couch.  But he jumped right into our bed and made himself at home.  (He only stayed for a short while before putting himself to bed in his crate.)

Monday, February 13
Three peas in a pod.

It was archery day.

We brought our sleds and snow gear along so that we could go down a really big hill.

Really big hills mean really big walks back to the top.

Bald eagles were flying around while we played.

Tuesday, February 14
Valentine's Day
They have been sending each other notes all month long. Then they hang them on strings like this.

They each got to pick out their own very large stuffed animal for Valentine's Day.  M chose the giant bear.

And Beza and T chose big dogs.  (Finn is asleep under the chair.)

J came home with flowers.

And cupcakes.

This is what bedtime reading looks like with really big stuffed animals.

Wednesday, February 15
We had a fun play date.

After dinner the most humongous flakes fell from the sky.

When I was little my sisters and I used to stare up at the falling snow and imagine that we were flying through stars in space.  T was inspired.

Thursday, February 16
A usual scene.  Finn with a stolen glove.  And Dave looking innocent.

We found out that we would be getting to spend the next few days with our friends' three girls while they were away.  We all had dinner together and then while Beza and J took Finn to dog class and then went home, M, T and I got to spend the night at their house.  (The view from their enormous kitchen window is breathtaking at sunset.)

Friday, February 17
After dropping our little friends off at school we went to our house to do our own school.  Later we met back at their house for pizza and a movie before another sleepover.

Saturday, February 18 
We got up and started packing to all spend the night at our house.  The girls and T played all day together.

After we tucked them all into bed we started getting our house ready to celebrate T's 9th birthday (!) in the morning. (M stayed up to help me. :)

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