Saturday, February 04, 2017

Welcoming a New Year (2017)

(Still catching up...)

Tuesday, December 27
After coming home from Christmas with our families, J headed back to work for a day.  But, he made time to meet us over lunch to help us pick up a new rug for the basement.  (Hahaha--clearly our views on TJMaxx aren't quite the same. :) )

J installed flood lights a few months ago and they have been great for helping Finn and others run off some extra energy even when it gets dark out so early. :)  (Shorts in December!)

Wednesday, December 28
Finn has been growing crazy fast. (He was sitting on his new Christmas bed.  It lasted one month...)

It was my birthday. :)

Thursday, December 29
M and T have been playing this game constantly.  (A Christmas present from Nana and Pop.)

We decided to tackle T's closet while J had some time off.    The before:


Wednesday, December 30
The after:

We moved out the large TV cupboard that he had been using as a dresser/wardrobe and added closet organizers.

J also put a hole in the wall to connect M and T's rooms.

Friday, December 30
We also got Five Crowns for Christmas and it's become a family favorite.  (A cupcake with a game is also nice.)

Saturday, December 31
The last sunrise of the year.

To ring in the new year we opened poppers and had our traditional rootbeer floats. 

And then we all played Moods before going to bed.

Sunday, January 1, 2017
Happy New Year!

A little gift to start the new year.

Dave found the light in the midst of some gloomy days.

Monday, January 2
M painted her nails to be ready to cheer on Penn State at the Rose Bowl.

M, T and I quickly went shopping for calendars for the new year.  We sent Beza texts to find out which one she wanted.  We totally thought she would love this pig one (her favorites are pigs and bunnies), but she chose a puppy one instead.

Then we watched the Rose Bowl with good friends.

Phew!  And that was a bit of our end of  the year and the beginning of the new one.

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