Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Year of the Rooster Parade

We spent most of January reading books about Chinese New Year.  This year our friend from China would be spending the first days of the new year with us and we were very excited to celebrate with him.  

T was so inspired that he created a huge parade for the occasion. 

He started with a short speech.

A large (furry) crowd gathered.

The jeep started the parade.

(The riddle on the lantern hanging from the back.)

His band "The Fishity Fosh Band" played Chinese music.

There was a dragon boat.

Marchers carrying flags.

They tossed paper watermelon candy out to the crowd.

There was a float filled with birds dedicated to the Year of the Rooster.

He tied the floats together so that they would move in unison.

The final float was my favorite--a comorant fisherman played by Mr. Jeremy Fisher. (Somehow the two are connected in his mind.)  (He saw a picture of one in his MAPS book.)

He used almost anything he could find with wheels in our house. :)

The parade ended with a dragon dance.

What a fun Chinese New Year parade!!!!

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