Thursday, February 09, 2017

The First Week of a New Year

Tuesday, January 3
We started the first day of school in the new year by syncing our calendars. ;)

I tried to sneak a picture of them playing weather reporters using their new microphones.

Then they "watched" their report on T's construction paper TV.  ;)

Thursday, January 5

Finn started Puppy School.

Friday, January 6
It was a beautiful sunny day.  

When Finn is in "trouble" he scurries for cover under this chair as fast as he can.  (Usually with a sock or glove in his mouth.)

Our January mantel--trying to add some brightness to an overall gray season.

Saturday, January 7
Snow day!

Such a pretty snow.

Ha--J used the handy microscope to fix a jammed paper punch. :)

I found this art on T's desk--inspired by this book: 1 Big Salad.

Sunday, January 8
These two hurry to be the first one out to shovel the snow.  (It's safe to assume that I NEVER had that argument with my sisters.)

 The first week of the year definitely felt very January-ish.

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