Sunday, February 12, 2017

Frosty Days

A peek back at the third week of January.

Monday, January 16
It was a beautiful frosty morning.


I found the score from Sunday's card game.

Wednesday, January 18
Sometimes Dave likes to learn, too. :)

Thursday, January 19
Another Finn Obedience Class. :)

Friday, January 20
We started the day with yoga.  (Finn, too.)

Then we watched the inauguration.

Finn escaped to his favorite "hiding" spot for a nap.  (How long will he fit under there?)

It was a good day for a Finn walk.

Saturday, January 21
Our morning started with an amazing Chinese New Year parade entirely made by T.  He spent a good portion of the week escaping to the basement to work on his floats.  (See the next post for the whole production.)

And then it became the day that I will dub "crazy medical spa day" or "the day I went to the ER because it was Saturday and it was where I was sent for a minor problem and most definitely and thankfully not a real emergency but I had childcare and in the end everything was very okay."  

When I finally got home we got to spend the evening with Seanow--J's coworker from China who we would be getting to spend time with over the next week.

We were all so excited for the week ahead and had been reading lots of books to know what to expect for our first Chinese New Year celebration.

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