Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our Christmas Morning 2016

Christmas Morning at Our House
December 22, 2016

After giving us a few minutes to get everything ready, they excitedly burst into the kitchen on our Christmas morning.

First they opened their stockings.

And then it was time to open the presents under the tree.

Our Christmas morning on fast forward.

Oh my, right at the very end of opening presents, T cut his hand with his new pocket knife.  We were a little concerned about how it might heal given the location so I took him to the doctor's to make sure he didn't need stitches.  (Thankfully, he didn't.)

When we got home, we had our traditional cheese taste-testing with a side of pears and assorted PB+J's.  

After that they "opened" their last surprise gifts.  They got fun "aurora" lights and microphones.  But not amplifying microphones--microphones that record.  They spent the rest of the day literally recording everything--themselves, music, books, etc...

After a delicious dinner and cupcakes to celebrate Jesus's birthday,

J read Finn his very first book--Teeth Are Not For Biting.

And then they all went to bed, again excited about the next few days ahead. :)
(Poor guy, with his bandaged hand.)

P.S.  A few of their gifts this year:
Tools of the Trade:
Something to Build With:
Imagination Toy:

Stuffed Friends:
M a Calico Cat and Red Panda
T a Dragon and Sea Horse
B a Bunny and Rabbit

Family Games:

P.S.S.  Past Christmases on Fast Forward

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