Sunday, January 15, 2017

Christmas is in the Air

Let's catch up...

Sunday, December 18
We went out to the diner with friends after Church.  

Then there were some afternoon snuggles.

Monday, December 19
At the diner, instead of their food being served in the usual pink corvette, to their delight it was served in a cardboard sleigh.  

During archery,

Beza gets some time to work on her school work. :)

Everything was looking frosty white.

We watched just a few Christmas movies.  They watched the old Christmas Eve on Sesame Street because it's our tradition.

Tuesday, December 20
Seriously.  He's getting a Dave-the-cat bath.

The Christmas cards finally arrived and M and I spent the morning getting them ready to pop in the mail.  (She is an amazing card helper--I think that she probably wrote in about half of them.)

We got some fresh air by delivering the cards around the neighborhood.

J came home just a little early so that we could see the huge light display.

Wednesday, December 21
(Our Christmas Eve.--Because we were going to be with our families for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and we needed a day to travel, we celebrated Christmas on Thursday.)

The morning started with squeezing in time to make gingerbread houses before our four dentist appointments.  (Thankfully there were no cavities!) 

T (So much action.  From left to right--A man walking with a cane, a boy peeking from behind the house, a girl skating on the blue pond and a girl doing a cartwheel.)




Later, after dinner, we celebrated Christmas Eve by opening all of the gifts they have been busy making for each other (and us).  

The tree was full of taped up Amazon boxes and some of the most creative gifts.  

I still need to take more pictures because what they made is worth remembering.  These are M's gifts for Beza--two audio books that she recorded, a bunny that she sewed and a pen she knew Beza would like.

Then they went to bed so, so excited for their first of many Christmas mornings.

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