Sunday, January 15, 2017

Christmas House Tour 2016

A peek inside our house this Christmas:
(Because this is the backdrop of our memories.)

In their spaces...


A few notes:
1.  One of those creatures does not belong on the couch.  Hint: It's the big one.
2.  They played with the nativities (tucked away in the cream baskets with the white fluffy jingle bell dog on top) for a good week when we first got out the decorations.  King Herod was played by an angry snowball and two unpainted nutcrackers were his jester assistants.
3.  We love M's spelling.  (We're pretty convinced that someday she'll ironically be an editor.)
4.  The lighting hides all of the pet fur and cropping cut out all of the dog gates. :)
5.  Most of these pictures were taken after Christmas

A Look Back:

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