Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

On Friday, December 23 we traveled to PA to be with our families for Christmas.

It was a gray, frosty day.

The whole way they listened to the things they had recorded on their new "microphones" the day before.

After dinner I met my dad and two of my sisters to walk around downtown.  My dad got to show us so many of the jobs that he's worked on over the past several years.  I LOVE that my dad likes to hang out with us.  (Even past his bedtime.) ;)

Christmas Eve
We spent the day with my family.
First, my parents performed some crazy funny songs that they wrote.  (My parents saw someone on a commercial with whipped cream on his face for a beard so my dad gave it a try--it didn't work quite like he imagined--but we got the effect.)

Then they went on a scavenger hunt we (my sisters and I) made for them.

We opened our presents

And then took our annual look-alike family photo.  (Ha--I think we're all starting to look more alike...)

Every year they make a giant batch of fruit salad--we're usually traveling to get there while they're making it, but this year we were there to join in.  (Serious business.)

My aunt and uncle heard that T is fascinated by metal detectors and they gave him theirs that they haven't been using.  He was (is) delighted!

My mom was scheduled to work that day, but got "on call" until after dinner, so she got to join us for sending up Chinese lanterns.
 (Merry Christmas, birds.)

My dad and brother-in-law spent some time helping T build a scooper for his dog-clean-up job.

M, of course, found the cats.  (They were on top of the wood pile.)

Before we left there were a few fireworks.

Then we went back to Jason's parents' house and after all of the little people were in bed we sat around the Christmas Eve fire. :)

It was a sweet Christmas with my family.  Parents, sisters and cousins are the best.

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