Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Christmas Day 2016

(As always these days--working on catching up...)

Christmas Day
Sunday, December 25
 We woke up on Christmas morning at J's parents' house.  The little people were so excited!

They opened so many fun gifts!  (And they've spent this past month playing with them.)

After opening presents Beza read to Grammy Miller.

Then after cousins arrived, we gave Pop his big gift--tickets for Nana and him to go to the Rose Bowl!

Later we opened our stockings.

We had a huge Christmas dinner and then we visited J's grandparents.

The next day we loaded up all of the amazing gifts into our van (I think vans were especially made for such trips) and after playing for a little while,

We headed for home in the freezing rain.

Home sweet home.
(Where they played "20 Questions" with Alexa.)

It was a fun (and healthy--phew!) Christmas. :)

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