Monday, December 05, 2016

The End of Election and Soccer Seasons

Sunday, November 6
Before J left for a week in China, we all went out to breakfast.

Then, while he finished packing we said goodbye and went to church.

Monday, November 7
We started the morning in the usual way--on the floor with Finn.

And then while he was burning off some energy, T was cracking open rocks.  (In a winter jacket and flip flops...)

(This toy has been well-loved.)

Tuesday, November 8
M and T had a morning field trip to learn more about how animals adapt to seasonal changes.

After their field trip we visited a library within our system that we hadn't been to before.  As we were checking out a tick scurried across T's cheek and they told us that we had already exceeded the limit of books they allow you to check out there.  (They were very kind, though, and let us use J's card. I'm so thankful that our library doesn't impose limits.:)

Then I voted.

Because J was away this year (he voted before he left), we only had a very small dessert election.  We face-timed J while they each gave a speech trying to convince us to vote for their Trader Joe's snack--M-mini-chocolate chip cookies, T-chocolate covered marshmallows and Beza-graham crackers.  The cookies won. :)

Then we played Apples-to-Apples.
On this election night I wanted us to focus on how to be a light right where we are no matter who would win.

The candle making kit I ordered didn't come in time, but we lit the ones we did have. 

M, T and I settled down to watch the results roll in.

We made it until 2am.

Wednesday, November 9
No pictures for this day probably because we were too tired and we were processing the results of the election. 

Thursday, November 10
November's sunsets are some of my favorites.

Finn has been learning how to sit, shake, high-five, lay down, go get it and to clean up his toys.

He's also almost finished his job of completely emptying his bed of all of its stuffing.

Before dinner we made the candles from the candle kit

Friday, November 11
Oh my, we have been some having some cat issues.  One of them has been using our closet and the futon like a litter box.  We actually replaced the futon cushion and tried really hard to keep the door to that room closed, but on this day he slipped past and used the new futon.  Not my favorite mess to clean up...

(The other cat has been chewing up library books left on the couch.  Needless to say, they were temporarily banned to the basement until we could come up with some solutions.)

On the bright side, J came home in the late afternoon. :)

Saturday, Nobember 12
Soccer Tournament Saturday!

The girls are going to miss seeing each other every Saturday. :)

T and Beza both had fun soccer seasons, but we are relieved to have our Saturdays back--at least for a little while. :)

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