Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It's Beginning To Feel Like Christmas

December--Week 3

Sunday, December 11
After church I hunkered down to finish the Christmas card.  M helped with some photography. :)

Monday, December 12
This year we've been reading through Bartholomew's Passage for Advent.  Just like Jotham's Journey, each day leaves us wanting to read ahead.  (We made our own candles.)

We've also been learning and talking about what's happening in Allepo.

(Later in the afternoon--after M's eleven-year-old well-visit we were minorly rear-ended while running errands.)

Tuesday, December 13
M caught some cute pictures of Finn and Mabel not running. 

While J was out at another work dinner, we decided to have dinner at the mall so that we could buy some gifts for Angel Tree.  It wasn't quite as easy as we had thought to get it all done in one place so we spent A LOT of time on the escalators looking for just the right gifts.

Wednesday, December 14
The Christmas mice from Saint Nicholas Day have taken over the doll house.

They found J's Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books from when he was little and they have been obsessed.

The full moon.

Thursday, December 15
December morning.

Finn's early morning napping place. :)

We painted Christmas cards.

A week before, we put apples in different combinations of salt, Epsom salt and baking soda to see which combo would best preserve them.  We weighed them before and after and discovered that the salt/Epsom salt mixture worked the best.

A sweet friend left an early Christmas and birthday present.

Inspired by a facebook post, we left some treats for all of the package delivery people who frequent our house during this season.  The kids were particularly excited about trying this delicacy.

Friday, December 16
We turned in their coloring contest pictures. (M, T and B.)

A pre-snow sunset.

Saturday, December 17
To their great excitement we woke up to snow.

While they went sled-riding (twice) with J, I worked on some photo projects.

No joke, shoveling is their favorite.  (I hope this continues to be true forever.)

They hope that the snow stays so that it will be a white Christmas.  Whoo-hoo--next up--Christmas week!

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