Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It Feels Like December

December--Week 2

Sunday, December 4
We got to spend the whole day with our friends' youngest.  Such a fun day with a two-year-old. :)

Also, almost every day, at some point each one of us ends up with Finn on the floor.

Our current view out the window includes this zip line/gondola from T's window to the railing of the deck.  He uses it to pull stuffed animals up and down.  

Just before bed the layer of dust on the bathroom blinds finally bothered me enough to do something about it.  They look amazing now. (Only like 50 more to go to clean the whole house. ;)

Monday, December 5
It snowed in the morning--covering T's zip line.  (And also his two pairs of shoes that he left on the deck.)

J tried a new use for the leaf blower. ;)

Later most of the snow melted away.  This is all that was left of the snowmen they had made in the morning.

While I caught up on November blogging, Finn slept.  (We already can't believe how much he's grown.  I'm sure in a month we'll look back at these pictures and we'll think he looks so small.)

We finally got all of the Christmas boxes put away.

Tuesday, December 6
Happy Saint Nicholas Day!  They found a few small things in their shoes.

Ha--I could only find a flip flop for T--maybe because he had left these two pairs out again overnight.

M's Saint Nicholas Day mouse.

Wednesday, December 7
We made the mints that I associate with almost every wedding I ever attended as a child.  (All mint pics by M.)

We also made cookies for the Library Bake Sale.

Thursday, December 8
Beza has been learning about the moon.  

At night, while J was out for work and Beza was in bed early because of a cold, M, T and I hung up the Christmas lights.

Friday, December 9
We spent the morning learning more about the Nutcracker and it led us down a rabbit trail to making our own glass harmonica.  (Finn is on the wrong side of that gate.)

Then we got to attend a one-hour performance of the Nutcracker.

(T made a cardboard system for recording the show.)

We got Christmas donuts as a treat afterwards.

Saturday, December 10
The Saturday view as captured by M.

T spent the day playing in his cardboard jet,

While I worked on the Christmas card (and the girls played).

The day ended with a lot of pet snuggles.

December is rolling right along!

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