Monday, December 05, 2016

Golden Days of November

Sunday, November 13
After church we took a hike with Finn.

This is right after he totally sunk a foot (and leg) into the creek when he tried to step on a log.  He just rolled with it.

I had been searching for a pair of boots to just slip on for hikes or for playing in the yard.  These have been working very well.

On the way home we stopped for syrup at our favorite maple syrup place.  It's such a beautiful drive to get there.  (Just like last year.)

The super-moon was so bright--it left amazing shadows.

Monday, November 14
Archery day.

They've been having fun with boxes in the living room.

Speaking of boxes....  This is Billy closed in the laundry room with a cat litter box filled with popcorn kernels because we needed a "sample" to find out about if maybe he had an infection that was making him not use the litter box.  :/

Tuesday, November 15
Billy got a clean bill (ha) of health at the vet.  We suspect that he doesn't like having to pass by Finn in the kitchen to get to the litter boxes.  We set up an additional litter box upstairs to see if that helps.  (So far, so good!)

Wednesday, November 16
While I wrote our homeschooling quarterly reports, Finn kept my feet warm.

And these guys did their work.  (Beza works in the kitchen.)

And Beary watched.

Thursday, November 17
I found these shiny "Magic 'Poof'-Proofing" pencils to try to make their proof-reading a little less painful.  

I also found this picture on my phone.

Friday, November 18
We met J for ice cream for lunch.  

And then we went to the park for the afternoon.
It felt like a good way to end the week.

Saturday, November 19
I got to run errands for most of the day by myself and it was amazing. :)  

We could not believe that Thanksgiving was just a week away!  The fall is flying!

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