Monday, December 05, 2016

From Turkeys to Christmas Trees

Sunday, November 20
We woke up to snow.

They wasted no time getting outside to play before church.

Just when we thought it was all over just a little bit more came.

After church we went to a birthday party north of us--it barely snowed there and the snow-line was evident on the mountains.

Captain Coffee!

Monday, November 21
We made Thanksgiving cards.

Tuesday, November 22
We put faces on the clothespins we painted the day before to make turkeys for Turkey Tag.

We also made these sticker turkeys to stick on clear plastic cups filled with cut up vegetables for a healthy Thanksgiving snack.  I started making simple turkeys and then theirs got very creative.  (I spy Luke and Leia, a bride and groom, a few politicians, a thief, a princess, a farmer and me. :)

Then we wrote in and actually sent our Thanksgiving cards.  (My weakness, M's strength.)
Wednesday, November 23
We celebrated J's birthday a few days early with a cookies-and-cream ice cream pie.  M insisted that we add the correct number of candles. 

Thursday, November 24
Happy Thanksgiving!
We were packed up and out the door early to visit our families for the long weekend.

We had Thanksgiving with my family.  (We popped in quickly to see J's parents and grandparents on the way.)  We also celebrated all of the November and December birthdays--there are 5 of them.  Coconut Pepperidge Farm cakes are our classic.

After our big lunch, T had his dream come true when my dad let him use a metal detector. :)

Friday, November 25
We got up early to watch how to make candy canes and then we got to make our own.  (Spearmint.)

Then after working on a huge puzzle at my sister's we stopped by the bookstore for M to pick out a few things with a birthday gift card.  (Even though it was Black Friday...)

Then we went to my parents' house to see my other two sisters and nephews.  They played in the leaves while M and I sat inside drinking coffee and talking to my mom. :)

My dad gave us each a turn to use his band saw.

And later we had so much fun playing in the laser lights.

Saturday, November 26
Happy Birthday to J!
He spent the day at the PSU game with his dad.  M spent the day with Nana and her cousins.  And the rest of us went back to my parents'.  My dad led us on another hunt for missing farm equipment pieces.  I think it's his version of snipe hunting.  (We did find a very old piece and a few nails.)

But the kids loved using the metal detector and playing on the stone fences.

Later, T built lots of houses with the little guys.

Sunday, November 27

We love getting to see our little cousins--they really are the best.

Finn was an awesome traveler.  He slept in the back seat with M the whole way.

We got back just in time to unload the car and to find a Christmas tree before the sun set.

They were so excited to start decorating for Christmas.

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