Monday, December 05, 2016

Field Trips and Frosty Mornings (November)

Looking back at November:

Tuesday, November 1
November dawned frosty and cold.

T has been super excited about rocks.

Wednesday, November 2
It was "A Day In The Life" on Instagram.  Our day always starts with playing with a wide-awake Finn.

While we eat breakfast we read a short devotion.

Once a week I get together with some of my friends to read through a book together.  And Mabel and Finn have a playdate.  It almost always involves mud. 

After lunch we had another playdate with friends.

Then after dinner Finn got a much-needed bath, J tried using a gentle hairdryer to help him dry faster.  He's going to stick to towels and laying by the fire. ;)

At night we've been reading through The Child's Story Bible again and we finished The Moffat Museum.  Eleanor Estes is one of our very favorite authors.

Thursday, November 3
We made a spontaneous decision to join a field trip to the police station.

They got to check out some cool glasses.

And they each used the magnetic fingerprint powder.

Right before we had to rush off for music lessons they met the bloodhound.  Then, after music we picked up Finn for a vet visit.  (He weighed 27.6 pounds.)   (He had been having some stomach issues and we were relieved to find out that it wasn't a major problem.) 
(I snapped a quick picture of our trees in the front yard.  The yellow seemed to be hanging on longer than usual this year.)

We had our last night of soccer practice for the season.

Sometimes it's hard to find them when they're sleeping.

Friday, November 4
M and T had a follow-up field trip to discover the findings of the experiment they set up in a creek exploring the effects of pollution on a local creek.

While they were doing that, Beza and I ran errands to pick up some gifts for J's upcoming travels.  We also explored a new-to-us bookstore.

Beza and I found this cute chipmunk when we got back.

When we're gone for a good chunk of time, we make sure that Finn gets lots of outdoor exercise when we get back.

But at some point in the day I almost always end up sitting with him on the floor while he naps.  J and I call him the time warp--we sit down for seemingly just a few minutes with him and before we know it a long time has passed.

We ended the day at an Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party at our church.

And finished the night with ice cream cones.  

Saturday, November 5
Soccer Saturday!  It was the last game before the tournament.  (Phew!)

After a good trip to the library they are usually quiet for a long time.

I spent the whole afternoon sorting through nearly a year's worth of art.  It's finally all (or what's left of it) organized in binders.

It was a full and fun week.  And the last night with J at home for another week.

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