Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cleaning Messes and Getting Ready to Celebrate

A look back at the beginning of December:

Monday, November 28
On our way back from PA we finished The Secret Keepers. (Trenton Lee Stewart's newest book--he's one of our very favorites.)  It was one of those great books that made us sit in the van long after we reached our destination just to find out what would happen next.  

M was practicing for the upcoming recital (in the land of puppy gates).

Archery day.

We ended the day by decorating the tree.  (The room was looking a bit confused.)

Tuesday, November 29
T set up a rock museum with lots of events--including  enticing offers like flashlight tours and trying to be the sixth visitor for three days in a row so that you could win the opportunity to throw a snow pie at him. ;)

Wednesday, November 30
The end of the day every day.  

Thursday, December 1
We made it to the gym to swim for the first time in well over a month.  We also had dinner at Panera's because J was out for work.  And we ended with a treat to celebrate the first day of December.

Saturday, December 3
We've been dealing with some unfortunate cat issues that involved our closet.  J rented an industrial steamer to clean up the problem--it was a serious piece of equipment and helped significantly.

While he returned the zamboni-sized carpet cleaner, we tried to knock the golf-ball sized dust bunny out of the stairwell ceiling with towels.  

When that didn't work we broke out the Nerf guns--which totally did the trick.

Later, we got to go to M's Christmas guitar recital.  It's such a great way to usher in the Christmas season.

We ended the week with dinner out. 

It was a productive and festive beginning to December.

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