Sunday, November 13, 2016

When Fall Was Green

A peek back at the second week of October.

Monday, October 10
We had no idea how much fun a puppy could be in the leaves.

Our trees were just beginning to change their colors.

The cosmos last hurrah.

I am always amazed about how brave my people are with bugs.  They're the best.  (The kids--but insects are pretty cool, too.)

Little sleeping Finn.  He was only covering a small portion of his bed.

Tuesday, October 11
Because it seems like a taste of fall, we had vanilla chai cupcakes with my moms/book club.

Wednesday, October 12
Finn's vet visit.  (Oh my--those faces tell a lot of stories.)

Having a puppy has meant lots of extra time outside.
(Playing in the leaves also gave Finn his first tick bite.  And right after just being at the vet.)

T's two stuffed dogs were spying on Finn.  Also, we live in a house of gates.  So many gates.

We've been learning about Matisse and Gershwin.
(And the Railway Children--what a sweet book!)

We made some Matisse-inspired art while listening to "Rhapsody in Blue."

Thursday, October 13
During a morning field trip we learned a lot about Morse Code.

It was so fun that they came home and built their own telegraph system.

Friday, October 14
After a full week we thought that pizza at the park would be a good idea.  Unfortunately the first park closed just as we arrived so we took our pizza and crew to another park.

Saturday, October 15
Soccer Saturday. 

While we had muffins, Finn rested up for some play time with his sister.

Mabel and Finn and their girls.

After soccer we visited an apple orchard with church friends.
(Over the next several days we found out that Finn ate a few too many apples at the orchard...)

Then we all stopped by J's office to pick up a few things.

Sunday, October 16
We had a cookout at church for lunch.

And then J packed up and left for England, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and France--five countries in five days.  (Phew!)

As he left the trees in our backyard were just starting to show their vibrant colors.

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