Sunday, November 13, 2016

Leaves All The Time

A look back at the third week of October.

Monday, October 17
We woke up to one of the most colorful backyards we've ever had.

And also to the sound of the pond being cleared out.

Which made a good show.

Then Beza and I ran a few errands,

While M and T were at a field trip learning more about pollution in creeks.

Beza spied this Bedstraw Hawkmoth Caterpillar as were were leaving.

The trees leading into our neighborhood are always stunning, but so fleeting.

We came home to the barren pond.

Tuesday, October 18
Confession: Every night I woke up T to take Finn outside with me.  Going into the backyard in the dark--alone--is not my most favorite thing.  (Now we have a rope and flood lights and he's older so it's way easier.)

Wednesday, October 19
When J is away, T often pretends to be a traveler, too.  He had his route all mapped out.

We could not stop staring at the colors.

Finn is growing fast.  And he loves dirt. :)

I found a series of these kinds of photos on my phone.  Ha!

In the afternoon we played a few games with leaves.  First, we took ten minutes to each put together a display of our top five favorites.

Then, we took ten minutes to see how many different kinds of leaves we could find.

M and T made their first scarecrow using their real clothes. :)

Thursday, October 20
Nearly every morning starts with some sort of playful exchange between Dave-the-cat and Finn.

We learned about paper money.

And found some pretty cool things hidden on bills with a UV light.

There were just enough leaves to start making leaf mazes.  

When J is away, after dinner we indulge in our favorite TV Show--The Great British Baking Show.  (We're on Season 2.)

Friday, October 21
From Instagram: "Today we rushed through school so that we could run errands in the rain. Next week we'll have an eleven year old and this weekend we get to start celebrating."

I could not stop taking pictures of the backyard trees.

While we were running errands, we also stopped at Panera's for lunch because Friday lunches should be fun for everybody.

This day also marked the end of my year-long mission to complete my continuing education credits to maintain my professional credentials.  For the past two weeks I had been staying up up for an extra two hours each night to finish up 20 hours of course work.  It felt like it would never end.  But it did!  And I am done!

And later--much later--J came home from his week away.  Whoo-hoo! :)

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