Monday, November 14, 2016

Eleven Years (Plus the First Snow of the Year)

At look back at M's birthday.

Tuesday, October 25
Finn and Mabel get to play together every week during our mom/book club.  They are in motion the entire time they are together.  And then they spend the rest of the day sleeping. :)

We spent the afternoon working on more leaf mazes.  Admittedly, while Finn is a blast to play with in the leaves, he's a bit destructive to the leaf mazes. :) (Pics by M.)

M got a fun gift of stacking cats in the mail and had fun taking pictures of them.

T and I decorated the house to be all ready for M's birthday the next day.  After everyone was asleep I taped 11 pieces of crepe paper across her doorway.

Wednesday, October 26
Happy Birthday, M!

She got her own weather monitor.

Every year by her birthday, most of the leaves are off of the trees.

It was such a warm day that T was swinging in his Halloween costume wearing just a t-shirt.

After dinner (Ina Garten's Lemon Chicken) we celebrated with cake and a few last presents.

Her favorite author--Trenton Lee Stewart--just published a brand new book that she didn't know about. :)

We spent most of the day working on this 1000-piece puzzle and we stayed up late to finish it.

It was a fun birthday day.  While I often lament how fast the time is going, watching her grow really is a cool thing.  I'm sure that her eleventh year will be the best yet.

Thursday, October 27
While the day before had been warm and sunny, soon after waking up snow started to fall.

In the afternoon we finally made time to paint.

And then, because soccer practice was cancelled, we made lanterns from the stack of Tinker Crate boxes we still have to do.

They went to bed super-excited for Friday because Nana and Pop were on their way to celebrate, too. :)

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