Sunday, October 02, 2016

We Grew By Four Feet

Last Saturday started out as a pretty normal Saturday.  We all ate some sort of breakfast and scurried to get everyone dressed for soccer--putting on shin guards, stuffing feet into cleats and tying them, trying to find misplaced soccer balls and remembering at the last minute to grab waters.

After T's game we all went to the library book sale for a bit before Beza's game.  While M, T and I shopped for a bit longer, J and Beza left to get ready for her game.  My crew was planning to pick up some snacks but then we got a text from J that our friends had their brand new puppy with them and that it was the cutest thing ever. (That was the gist anyway, those definitely weren't his exact words.;)  We decided that we would all rather go pet a cute little puppy than eat.

We rushed over and all gasped at how small and ridiculously adorable Mable the puppy was.  Then our friend mentioned that there was one puppy left.  J and I looked at each other and just knew that if that was true we needed to make a phone call.  

While on the outside it looked crazy spontaneous and so not like us at all, the truth is that early in the summer J and I had a conversation about adding a dog to our family in the fall when all of our summer travels were over.  T has been talking about dogs forever and J grew up with Toby, a memorably cool Golden Retriever.  My experience with dogs is more limited so I've spent the summer trying to wrap my head around the idea.  So, while we weren't actively pursuing a dog, we were both ready.  

Now all of this dog talk was on the way down low.  The kids had surrendered to the fact that we were just going to be a cat family.  And when our friend mentioned the last puppy we only talked in hushed tones while making sure that none of our people were close enough to hear or suspect anything.  (This is a very difficult task, M knows and observes EVERYTHING.)

Anyway, J disappeared and made the call.  He was gone forever.  He finally came back and then had to wait for the family to call back.  They called back quickly with the happy news that the last puppy was ours.

We decided to surprise the kids with the news at lunch, so while we were bursting at the seams with excitement, for the rest of Beza's soccer game we had to act all nonchalant.  Then when we finally got them to all sit down for their PB&J's we told them that we were leaving right after lunch to get our very own puppy.  Ahh--so fun!  Of course, they were super excited.  (M was totally not surprised--she had been watching closely at the game. ;)

We spent the next four hours traveling down beautiful roads to Amish country.  T kept repeating, "I can't believe we're going to get a REAL dog!" :)  Neither could we. :)

We arrived around dinner time and met his lovely family.
(He's a mix of Yellow Lab and Golden Retriever--a Golden Labrador.)

It was hard to leave with him because he was clearly loved by both his human family and dog mom and he was the last one.  Some of us cried when we said goodbye.  But after a few minutes he settled down to sleep for the whole ride home.

It has been a fun, busy, full week of learning how to live with a puppy.  We can't believe how different dogs are from cats.  He's so very cuddly and sleeps a lot.  But he also needs a lot of re-directing and time to play. :)  He's the best excuse to go outside for a bit or to just sit down for a cuddle.

Welcome to the family Finn Axel!

P.S.  And one of the coolest things is that Finn and Mabel get to hang out (and wrestle and run) together. *Love.*
(Finn and Mabel seeing each other for the first time on Sunday.)

P.S.S. This is the picture from the puppy listing agency.  The reason why Finn was available was because his original new family decided that they weren't quite ready for a puppy and Finn's family hadn't yet relisted him.

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