Saturday, October 01, 2016

Spiders, the Sun, Swimming and Soccer

Sunday, September 11
We watched the clouds racing across the sky for a long time after church.

Monday, September 12
The beginning of the second week of school and he couldn't make sleeping in look any better.

Tuesday, September 13
We drove to the neighboring state to visit our friend for lunch.

And since we had our bathing suits with us we were able to go paddle boarding.
Nevermind that when I first got on I was on it backwards.

She took each one of them out for a ride, too.

Thursday, September 15
We woke up to find our favorite fall spiders back. (From HERE and HERE and HERE.)  Thankfully I looked up before I stepped out onto the deck--this web spanned our screen door.  (Until yesterday 9/30.)

M made a sign so we would remember to duck when we walked outside.

It was the day that we got to study the intensity of the sun with a little chocolate chip melting experiment.  (It's also the day that I make sure the magnifying glasses are out of reach.:)

Before our first round of soccer practices (T and Beza have practice on the same night--whoo-hoo), we went swimming at a friend's house.

Friday, September 16
To celebrate the end of our second week of school we spent the afternoon playing games.

M also introduced J and I to speed puzzling.  I think I might hold the current record for putting all of the states in their places the fastest. :)

Saturday, September 17
It was our first Soccer Saturday of the season.

M and T spent the day making slippers out of popsicle sticks and other interesting things like masks under their shirts.

Sunday, September 18
We spent another afternoon all playing games together.

I can not believe how quickly those first two weeks went!

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