Saturday, October 01, 2016

Fall is in the Air (and in Our Tummies)

Monday, September 19
The kids were so excited that the first day of fall was just a few days away.  T set up a council of stuffed animals to discuss fall festivities.  Dave presided over the meeting.

The sunset was definitely looking fall-ish.

Tuesday, September 20
This sign has been hanging up on the wall for a few weeks.  (M came up with it all on her own.:)

Wednesday, September 21
The deck spider almost felt like a pet.  Every day we looked for his new web.

M and T participated in a two-day field trip exploring the movement of ticks on small animals.

Beza and I visited the nearby library during their field trip.

We arrived home to find the fall CAUSEBOX on the front porch.  (Yay!!)

Our newly sealed garage floor was finally ready for little feet to play on.

Thursday, September 22
Happy First Day of Fall

Soccer practice night.  I spy M on a scooter.  (Before she took a nasty spill.)

We celebrated the arrival of fall by getting out the fall decorations, buying pumpkins at the grocery store and by having chili with pumpkin cornbread for dinner.

Friday, September 23
M and T had the second half of their field trip.  

Beza liked collecting acorns and other things while they were doing their research.  (Oak Apple Gall.)

Then we had a picnic lunch at the park.

And we went to the library and to the store for more pumpkins and apple cider doughnuts.

In the afternoon they biked around the neighborhood.

Saturday, September 23
Soccer Saturday! (I spy T on a bike.)  And we got to meet our friend's brand new puppy--Mabel.

After that our Saturday took an unexpected fun turn.  (To be continued...)

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