Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We Blinked and It's October

The first week of October.

Monday, October 3
They are so excited to be a part of an archery class this year.  

Last week Finn was somewhat sleepy.  This week he's much  Running around outside is a must.

After archery and before swimming we stopped by the store to fill a bag with chew toys.  Extra long breaks to get out some puppy (and kid) energy are fun, but at some point we actually need to get some school work completed. ;)  Bring on the toys.

We want to remember that Finn was afraid of the bottom of his dish.  For most of the week when he had just a few pieces left he jumped back and only came back for more with great caution. :)  

Tuesday, October 4
For fun we've been learning a little about economics, money and banking.  Today we pulled out all of the interesting coins we've been saving for just such a day.

Because J had a work dinner and because it's October, we cozied up with berry cobbler and banana bread to watch Anne of Green Gables

Wednesday, October 5
Beza got to make craters in flour.  (She's learning about Mercury.)

T was so inspired by the light of the sunset that he ran outside to sketch it.

Thursday, October 6
While M and T had a Maps and Compass class, Beza and I ran a few errands.  It was a beautiful, foggy fall morning.

During afternoon music lessons, Beza and I read books in the van while we wait.  (This week she's been learning about time.)

Finn and Mable wear each other out at soccer practice.

After all that playing, Finn was in need of another bath.  Also, he needed to get all spiffied up for a weekend away.

Friday, October 7
After finishing up our school work, we pulled out the winter coats.  And then we started to pack for a weekend trip.  It was supposed to rain and we discovered that T didn't have any rain boots.  So, before heading to the gym to swim we stocked up on rain boots.  We finished packing when we came home and after pizza for dinner we headed off to PA.
(On the way, we finished listening to a Hardy Boys book--perfect for October.)

Saturday, October 8
We woke up excited to play with all of the cousins.
(We traded in the pack-n-play and strollers for a dog crate and portable pen. :)

While J and Beza watched the PSU game with J's family, M, T and I spent the afternoon with my parents, two of my sisters and nephews.

You never know quite what you'll be doing with Grandpa--but it will almost always involve some garden deliciousness, tools and eventually a change of clothes.  :)  (We're so glad we brought those rain boots.)

It must be caterpillar season.  (Woolly bear.)

(The Hickory Tussock caterpillar that we know to never touch.)

We made it back to J's house for a home made pot pie dinner.  And some bedtime reading.

Sunday, October 9
In the morning we played outside.

After lunch with J's grandparents, we stopped to see Grammy and to introduce her to Finn.

Then we made the beautiful drive back to home.

Finn was a great traveler and slept most of the time for the long drive.  It was so good to see our families and all of those little cousins. :)

Sunday, October 02, 2016

The End of September (Or, All Things Finn)

Seriously, how can October already be here? 

Here's a look back at last week.

Sunday, September 25
After church Finn and Mable met up at the park.

Monday, September 26
Sleepy Finn is almost as much of a distraction as playful Finn.

Tuesday, September 27
When we dog-sat our favorite Golden Retriever earlier this summer, Dave was not thrilled.  He hid in T's room all week.  So far he kind of acts like the nosy neighbor who's spying on everything you do.  He gets up as high as he can to look down on Finn.  Finn has also gotten a few "love taps" to the nose when he's gotten a little too close to Dave.  It's a hopeful relationship.

Finn had his first bath.

It was not his favorite.  (Yet. :)

Wednesday, September 28
The trees in the backyard are beginning to show hints of the changing fall colors.

Finn had his first visit to the vet with us.  He was laid back and charming.

Friends came to meet Finn after school and tired him right out.

Later we all snuggled down with Finn in the living room.  Except T--he's been playing flying explorer this week.

Thursday, September 29
We went on a field trip to learn more about pulleys, Newtons, and inclined planes.

Finn got some new toys (because keeping shoes and rugs away from him has been a full time job).

He may be a bit loved.

Finn and Mable had fun together at soccer practice.

I've had to borrow money from The-Bank-of-M a few times recently (like as tip for her haircut earlier in the day) and J had to pay up. ;)

Friday, September 30
We had a lovely day at home just having a regular school day with no where to go. :)

And after a long week, Finn is a nice stress reliever.

Saturday, October 1
It was a foggy Soccer Saturday.

But she brought some bright.

A puppy dog pile. :)

Happy October!