Friday, September 16, 2016

Speed Walking Through August

Monday, August 17
After a full weekend with visitors, we started Monday morning at the you-pick-it farm.  It was a beautiful morning.

J and I were surprised by these deer when they walked into the yard after dinner.

Tuesday, August 16
Zoobs are still one of his favorites. :)

In the afternoon they watched the classic Pete's Dragon.  (The day before they watched the original Jungle Book--all in anticipation of someday soon watching the newest versions.)

Wednesday, August 17
We celebrated all of the stuffed friends in our life with a Bear Party with friends.  

They decorated plates for everyone.

And created games.  (A fishing game.)

A pinata (full of stickers).

 And pin-the-nose-on-the-bear.

Thursday, August 18
My sister and brother-in-law came to stay for a few days.  We introduced them to gak.

They introduced us to speed-walking.

And brought water balloons to cool off in the heat.

(At bedtime, one of J's coworkers came to say goodbye and we showed him the magic of gak, too. ;)

Friday, August 19
Have waffle maker, will travel.  My sister came with the goods to make us a yummy breakfast.

Then we took them on a morning hike.

With snakes.

And some early touch-me-nots.

We had a picnic lunch at the zoo.

Later we stopped by Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (firsts for them).

Then we all had dinner on the deck.

Before bed we "forced" them to help us put together this puzzle. ;)

Saturday, August 21
We went to a birthday party in the afternoon, but mostly it was a chill day.

Sunday, August 22
After a morning at church, we had a yummy dinner with friends.

Monday, August 23
M woke up super-excited that it was finally the day to get her mouth expander.

(A pre-in-her-mouth picture.  Purple glitter with a tiger.)

We had lunch out.

Then, because we found out that we had been recently exposed to some not great stuff, we spent the afternoon/evening like this.   (Thankfully we only ended up with super-conditioned heads, clean beds and no extra "visitors.")

Wednesday, August 24
"Dress up."

Thursday, August 25
I heard this great tip on the Young House Love Has a Podcast podcast--I pre-pureed and froze all of my kale and spinach for smoothies.  No more questionable greens in the refrigerator.

Friday, August 26
We ran errands to get ready for a very fun upcoming last week of summer break.

It was a full last two weeks and our trip to the beach couldn't come fast enough. :)

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