Friday, September 09, 2016

Gak Season

A look back at August.
(Which feels like a lifetime ago!)

After our trip it was a week of catching up on laundry and grocery shopping and real life.  :)

Wednesday, August 3
As a break from the chores we stopped to make gak in the afternoon.  (Also, it's the season of seriously inexpensive glue.)

We also tried dragon fruit for the first time.  (It's probably way sweeter closer to its natural home.)

All day, every day cardboard is being cut and taped and the recycling bin is being ransacked.  The invention of the week--this robot.  (Hashtag:  Why does he look so big?)

Thursday, August 4
We took an afternoon break to start a 500-piece puzzle.

Also, the scissors tree was the creation of the day.

Friday, August 5
I thought it would be fun to make popovers (like at the Jordan Pond House).

M and I finished the puzzle.  (Puzzles are strangely addicting.)

We made it to the lake in the afternoon just in time for the sand castle contest.  (It's a clapping seal.  Nose on the left.  Clapping flippers in the center.)

While we were away the tomatoes finally started to ripen.

And the potato plants completely died away.  (Sad potato plants.)  But they did produce these 18 little guys--doubling what I planted.

T spent a good part of the day making instruments and writing his own music for them.

And at the end of the day we all watched the long-awaited Olympics.

Saturday, August 6
Craft day.

We used our potatoes to make oven fries.  (And those are our indigo rose tomatoes that look black in our salad--they're the coolest color.) 

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